Free Comic Book Day Fun in New York City

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Forbidden Planet

If there’s a comic event to be held, you can count on The Daily Cross Hatch to be at the scene with coverage of the shenanigans. I raided Forbidden Planet on Free Comic Book Day to cop some sweet swag from one of New York City’s top comic retailers – and had saw Spider-Man watching over the denizens of city. Details and pics, after the jump.

When I arrived at Forbidden Planet, there were two decent sized lines of comic-hungry fiends aligning the shop’s exterior which, fortunately, moved at a brisk pace. Someone commented that it was odd that there weren’t many children present – further proof that the art form we love has a heavy adult following and shouldn’t be held to the same standards as pure children’s literature. Let the runts have their XStations and PlayBoxes – that’s just more comics for the over-18 crowd to devour.

Forbidden Planet Line


Upon entering the shop, there was another brief line that led to a table in the rear that held the much sought after four-color booty. I was able to select any two comics of our choosing from the spread presented to us, plus a free autographed copies of Arvid Nelson’s Zero Killer, courtesy of Dark Horse Comics. In addition, I got another free goodie bag that contained a decent mix of titles from Dark Horse, DC, and Marvel. From the look of matters it was total $1 bin material, but eh, it’s free.


Spider-Man Fire Escape

After exiting with my stash, I noticed a guy in a mask and a form fitting red and blue bodysuit. While this is typical lower-Manhattan fare, this guy stood out because it was our favorite friendly neighborhood superhero no doubt enjoying NYC’s Spider-Man Week.


All in all, a good day for comics fans in lower Manhattan. What did you snag today?

–Jeffrey Wilson