Cross Hatch Dispatch 5/3/2007

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View of APE from the exhibitor’s side, by Chris Anthony Diaz. That lady in the camel-colored coat and slightly obscured by the dolly is Francoise Mouly!

  • And holy Mouly, Ivan Brunetti made the cover of the New Yorker this week! (via Newsarama)
  • Woah, Shannon Wheeler unleashed some wrath onto Gary Groth during APE. But what spirit was it in? Tongue-in-cheek? Staying in character? Ballsy fulfillment of fantasy conversation? Anyway, read Wheeler’s story for yourself, and see the picture to prove it.
  • Tom Spurgeon has spoken and it looks like Percy Gloom may be one of the best comic book debuts this year. He really, really liked it! It’s pretty crazy, Cathy Malkasian is an animation film director who is making her first first leap into comics, but that seems to have worked to her advantage. Looks good.
  • And while I was poking around the Fantagraphics blog, I saw that Eric linked to a story relating Craig Yoe with Big Boy Restaurant comic books. I myself only remember the restaurant from my wee teenage years, and even then, the restaurant wasn’t a Big Boys. It was an Asian noodle restaurant that never took down the Big Boy statue until just a few years back.
  • Here’s a few field reports from random events: Heidi MacDonald visits Spain Part 1, The Salon/CBLDF Bash, James Woodring presenting Bill Frisell and Woodring’s aftershow thoughts.


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