Microcon, Part 1

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sarahsale.jpgIf you haven’t heard of Microcon in St. Paul, MN, then I guess you’re not one of the 100+ people who get wait-listed for a table each year. At this small one-day con, creators can often make as much in sales as they will over a two-day stretch in October when the Minnesota Comic Book Association puts on its larger show, Fallcon.

Apart from the “easy money,” I can see why so many people want to walk through Microcon’s back door: the MNCBA does a great job of hosting. They offer free tables, free food, free parking and occasionally free t-shirts. I almost snagged a promo shirt for Free Comic Book Day but they didn’t have my size.

Still, the friendly volunteers searched for a REALLY LONG TIME before coming up empty-handed. Then, apologetically, they offered me a large child-sized t-shirt as their best substitute. ‘How nice,’ I thought, before I declined. ‘This is Minnesota, after all.’


For most of the show, I had this view of Will Dinski because we shared a table. He looks so tired from selling books! Actually, in this picture, he is just blinking.

I gave out a lot of my books, because I know people wouldn’t buy them. Then, I decided to walk around.


Sam Hiti is an interesting guy to see at a convention. I know him always to be standing while he talks with people, and he’s very tall, so I presume this takes a lot of effort. His table is almost perpetually covered in fans, even at these small cons, which is no doubt the result of him being a fantastic artist and incredibly nice guy. Plus, he’s always working on something or selling new art or having his books optioned, so it’s interesting to see what he’s up to. You may recall that recently Sam began fist-a-cuffs, an online battlefield for illustrators. As time goes on, the rules have adapted. Round 3 has just begun—this time the entries are anonymous. Head on over to the tourney to revel in the creative carnage.


Here, Muscles & Fights contributors Earl L. Luckes, Jr., Bud Burgy and Danno demonstrate raw gristly power.

Speaking of slaughter, Bud Burgy had an interesting project recentdebut thanks to a missed sale on last year’s convention circuit. A male comic enthusiast seemed interested in Bud’s minicomics—that is, until he realized “I like it when there’s muscles…and they fight,” and Bud had nothing to offer him. Bud put together his anthology Muscles & Fights to give fans more of what they really want. Rest assured this is only volume one. Get a hold of Mr. Burgy if you’d like to submit a pounding for volume two.

Danno’s all over this convention! Here he is posing with Mike Toft at the International Cartoonist Conspiracy table.


Cells of the ICC may exist in your area, but it all began here with Steven Stwalley (stwallskull.com) in the twin cities. The group in Minneapolis gets together at least once a month to draw jam comics; often they pull their creative talents together for projects as well. For example, the ICC’s Lutefisk Sushi show will forever remain a legend. The project’s contributors donated 50 or more copies of their mini at their own expense. One of each comic was then boxed up and voila, Lutefisk Sushi was made available for sale. I don’t know what happened at the release party, but everyone agrees it needs to happen again. Kinda makes me wish I had a Wayback Machine because I don’t think it ever will. Recently, the ICC taught a class on comics and zines to area high school students. This seems to be the extent of the group’s involvement with youth. Most students have yet to feel the pulsating vein of the comics world, it seems. Trashy young adults read minicomics, and the ICC is around to lift that banner high.

Continued Friday…

—Sarah Morean

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  1. Alex | May 3rd, 2007 at 9:03 am

    Great article! I had no idea there was such a long waiting list for MicroCon. I guess that explains the steady growth of the show. I wonder what kind of waiting list goes on for FallCon, and who we might be missing out on seeing because of that.

    Also, your review of Sam Hiti is pretty spot on; he’s really tall and really cool.

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