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baillie-sugarpuke-excerpt.gifI’m very happy to present our latest guest strip from Liz Baillie, who is best known for the webcomic Freewheel and the print comic My Brain Hurts about a group of queer, teenage punks getting in trouble with the police and flirting over loud music. She has a semi-realistic, but very comical style of drawing that is great for telling stories about mischievous goof-balls living a kind of modern Oliver Twist-like life. The dramas and misadventures take place in the school as well as in the streets, where many of her characters take refuge from their troubles at home. She fills her stories with some deftly constructed conversations and character interactions that really capture their spirit and personalities of her diverse characters.
Today’s strip is a great showcase for the kind of humor that you’ll find in much of Liz’s work. Here, she dials back her story to a seemingly more innocent era, when a lot of what we take for granted as grownups, seemed monstrous and creepy.

Here’s what Liz had to say about how this particular strip came about:

“I just recovered this short one-pager I did a few years ago for an alternative advent calendar called the Radvent Calendar, which was made of little comics instead of little pieces of chocolate. The comics were folded up and put in tiny envelopes, one for each day, and each comic had to include its particular assigned date within the text (mine was 22). The project was organized by Andy Bodor as a fundraiser so he could open his store Cakeshop here in NYC. I’m not sure how much money it actually raised (if I remember correctly, only 100 Radvent Calendars were made), but it was a pretty cool idea nonetheless. Anyway, this one is mine, and it is 100% true!”

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—Elizabeth Chou

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