Thing we would go to if we were in New York (which we are)

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This is not for those who have already decided they will go to go to The Salon/CBLDF bash, but for those with that certain special spark of spontaneity. It’s for those who read this announcement about an event on the same day it’s happening, and think to themselves, “I’ll go to a party in the middle of the week to support a good cause. Mother can wait.”

Here’s the nitty gritty…

If you like: Nick Bertozzi, Cubism, comic book retailer Gordan Lee, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, free speech, or you’re just a krazy kat for the dixieland/swing/blues music of The Cangelosi Cards.
Place: The Village Pourhouse
Address: 64 3rd Avenue in Manhattan
Date: TODAY, April 26, 2007
Time: 7pm to midnight

The Beat has the rest of the juicy party details.

Be there or be square.

—Elizabeth Chou