Have an APEsome weekend!

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I’ll be attending the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco, and I don’t even know how to begin previewing it. This isn’t like most conventions where there’s a need to wade through lots of gunk to find the precious few indie comics tables shoved in the corners or under towering point of purchase displays. Not only are there gaggles of really talented self-published folks, practically all of the major indie publishers are represented, as well as few not so major ones like Adhouse. Several of the comic creators are debuting their works or creating some goodies just for the convention. I’m getting sensory overload just thinking about it.

I’ll just take this opportunity to point out a few things to make sure there isn’t a big giant gap in your experience, and also a few other things that might not be mentioned elsewhere:

  • GUESTS: To echo Tom Spurgeon, RAW comics magazine creator Francoise Mouly and her husband Art Spiegelman are making a rare appearance on the West Coast. Their individual discussions and a joint Q&A session will take up most of Saturday afternoon. Other guests include Kevin Huizenga, Hope Larson, Bryan Lee O’Malley, Karl Christian Krumpholz, and Gene Yang. There are lots more artists at their own table or at a publisher’s table such as Shannon Wheeler, and Renee French.
  • GOODIES: Sparkplug Comic Books will be offering t-shirts designed by Renee French. They’ll be publishing Edison Steelhead’s Los Portfolio: Exploratory Studies of Girls and Rabbits this summer. Bryan Lee O’Malley might also be selling a t-shirt at his table that he’s sharing with Hope Larson, though he is not sure if it will be printed on time. And Grickle creator Graham Annable will be selling paintings.
  • SANTA CRUZ CONNECTION: Gabe Martinez who does Martin the Satanic Racoon. He is notorious for getting forever banned from Fish Rap Live!, a UC Santa Cruz college paper where I also worked. As the name of his signature character suggests, you best be expecting some exploding babyheads. Brandon Bird is another UCSC alum worth checking out, though he does not do comics. Rather he’s a pop artist who has put on exhibits devoted entirely to subjects like Edward Norton and Law & Order. His work also appeared in The Believer, and Conan O’Brien featured his Law & Order coloring book. Bumperboy creator and UCSC grad Debbie Huey will be debuting her customizable stickers. Don’t ask me, I don’t think we even had a cartoon or comics program at the school.
  • DEBUTS: Paul Hornschemeier will be in Ohio representing at SPACE con, but his latest book Three Paradoxes will be debuting at the Fantagraphics table. Cathy Malkasian, who directed Rugrats among other animated series and movies, will be debuting her Percy Gloom comic book. Oni Press will be debuting First In Space and Shenanigans.

These incredibly helpful and comprehensive APE guides will do you for the rest of the information you’ll need:

I hear there will be rain, so bring an umbrella and take your vitamins.

—Elizabeth Chou