Cross Hatch Dispatch 4/16/2007

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(graphic from Rick Trembles’ review of The Scanner Darkly)

  • Is Rick Trembles the comic world’s answer to Leonard Maltin? Hardly, but he’s been serving up movie reviews in comic strip form for over 20 years now and I might be the last person to learn about him. Unlike the encyclopedic Maltin, Trembles goes straight for the B-monster and action movies, cult appeal titles, a smattering of worthy classics, and of course the comic book adaptations. His most recent reviews include the Korean monster movie The Host, Grindhouse, and 300, and he has a thorough coverage of movies based off of comic books such as Ghost World, A History of Violence, and Sin City. If ever there was a critic that has justified his or her existence, it might be Trembles.
  • Every few weeks or so there is a passionate comic book industry discussion du jour (du week? any Canadians who could help me out here?) that completely goes over my head, but the recent discussion on the bacon bringing potential of web/digital comics has been keeping me on the edge of my seat. In terms of linkage, Joey Manley at Talk About Comics has everyone beat, so you should definitely start there. Stuart Immonen comes up with one of the brighter and more interesting ideas. It might also be a good time to guide people to this “comics and the environment” article from the Comics Foundry. I’m also a little surprised that people have not mentioned the role of e-readers like the Sony Librie, and how it might possibly boost the marketability of digital comics as long as someone manages to figure out the copyright and distribution issues.
  • Dan Goldman, the illustrator behind Shooting War, is teasing us with the promise of a “KELLY” continuation next Thursday. Meanwhile, he was kind enough to post up Hairkut, a futuristic story told in woodcut-style pen and ink. It’s from his archives and was self-published when he was 25-years-old. Favorite exchange: “How much you want for that old Joe Camel poster?” “Geef me a brek! I know vat its vorth. I keep for keetch factor.”
  • For Holocaust Remembrance Day, David Lasky draws our attention to Bernie Krigstein‘s stunning vintage comic Master Race, which you can read in its entirety here.
  • You might also want to keep an eye on this thread at Warren EllisThe Engine, inviting comic creators who have published professionally for the first time to get the word out. Proud nerd-badge wearer Wil Wheaton joins the first-time creator ranks with a Star Trek comic. Also journalist G. Willow Wilson, a self-described comics junkie, will be releasing Cairo, an Islam and Middle East focused adventure comic, through Vertigo.
  • A few more Vonnegut related links: Kilgore Trout tailors (via the Image Comics messageboard), Newsarama‘s round-up of reactions and remembrances from comic creators, and Wired‘s re-packaging of an old Vonnegut documentary into a blog post. BoingBoing also provided some of the best Vonnegut snippets and miscellany.
  • And finally, a mandatory link for those who may have missed it: a 30-second tasting of the Drinky Crow Show.

—Elizabeth Chou