Cross Hatch Dispatch 4/11/2007

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Oh, who cares about a schedule. HAVE SOME TASTY LINKS….

  • Adam York Gregory has posted up an animated video of his comic, The Corporate Machine, which sums up the experience of going through one rather neatly. It is set to soothing music that is sure to get you through hump day, or just creep you out a little.
  • I was considering posting the latest on the Anna Nicole Smith saga, but decided on this instead—Plagiarism drama! I’m licking my lips as we speak. As most may have heard, a few eagle-eyed folks on the internet have amassed convincing evidence that Todd Goldman, aka David and Goliath clothing line creator, treats other people’s proprietary work like they were clip art, basically stealing them wholesale and selling them retail. To pimp his stuff, he gets the likes of Shannon Elizabeth, Wilmar Valderamma, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Madonna, Andy Dick, and Pauley Shore—wait, what am I talking about? Well, reportedly he manages to successfully hawk his frauds at pricey art galleries. How did his lack of talent go so unnoticed for so long? Maybe I should get some of that extra thick boob cream he’s been using. (via BoingBoing, which got it via everywhere else)
  • All those years of snoring with the eraser of a pencil up my nose when I was supposedly memorizing the strokes and formations of Chinese characters into my head… well, now is the time to pay the price. Thanks to the blog, I stumbled on their post about Chihoi, a cartoonist and writer who is part of a flourishing independent comics scene in Hong Kong. I had always been aware of the popularity of the medium there, and the aesthetic style is very familiar to me, but again, being a lazy studier I never got the hang of the Chinese to do more than glance. What makes Chihoi a little more accessible is that he translates a substantial amount of his work into English—there’s my in. The dictionary will hopefully do the rest. Also check out the brief mentions of Chihoi in Bart Beaty‘s Comics Reporter post in March.
  • Yeah, you can get the scoop on the Too Much Coffee Man opera right here on this blog, but you can never get too much of Too Much.
  • Watch as Nicholas Cage spills out a list of his comic influences in an appearance on the Japanese variety show SMAPXSMAP. Young Nicholas Kim Coppola aspired to become like Power Man Luke Cage, and to a certain extent… he may have succeeded. The only way I can adequately describe Cage’s eccentric demeanor is that he always sounds like he is putting on an always running improv skit or inner movie script, which in this case blends right into the feel of this already kookie variety show.
  • Meathaus’ blog is always good for some eyecandy that are usually only tangentially related to comics. They link to gallery of Penguin paperback covers—before they started in on the comic artists for their covers, they were wooing those hip graphic designers.
  • I guarantee you’ll be happier once you add some Fart Party into your day. I’m partial to I heart cheese pt. 2 and What am I doing in the shower?.

–Elizabeth Chou

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