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Gilbert HernandezWhen I interviewed Gilbert Hernandez, he told me that his spunky comic-book loving child-heroine Venus was going to be making her official exit from Love and Rockets in issue 20. Venus has been a favorite character of mine since the Letters from Venus serial in New Love back in the 90s, so I was understandably devastated.

I managed to manfully hold back my tears, however, until Beto explained that while Venus was going to be visiting all the remaining Love and Rockets characters as his way of saying farewell to the entire Palomar cast, those characters wouldn’t disappear entirely. Instead of serializing their exploits in the venerable L&R, he plans to continue their stories in graphic novels.

When Hernandez later agreed to do a guest strip for us, we were excited, but when it turned out that the page he generously sent us showed a now-teenaged Venus talking to her mother’s ex-boyfriend Hector, well…again, with the barely restrained tears. Hernandez tells us that this page is “self rejected” from the very same L&R issue 20 he told me about in the interview ; it might show up later when the story is collected, he says, but until then it’s a rarity The Daily Cross Hatch is proud to host. Click the link below to see the whole page.

–Sean Carroll

Gilbert Hernandez

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