Cross Hatch Dispatch 4/6/2007 (Fish Head Edition)

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I know we have an unhealthy obsession with multi-parters, but this dispatch is running a little long. So without much further doodoo, here’s the first part, with an evening edition to come…

  • Do you know my response to incessant talk about hair? Blowing my brains out. And getting drunk. Probably in that order. Yeah, the things you learn from Drinky Crow may save your life. Since Adult Swim announced they will dampen the blow of its prolonged and increasingly unfunny practical joke with the May 13 debut of The Drinky Crow Show, the real estate value on my couch has shot way up. Creator Tony Millionaire‘s 14 years of character development is backed up be a killer team for this return of Drinky Crow and friends since the initial SNL days. This show appears to be a little less about self-contained jokes and more about epic nautical obstacles and such. Collab writer and producer Eric Kaplan has gotten a litany of high marks on his writing and producing work— see Futurama, David Letterman, Spy Magazine—and even owns Romania-based Mirari Films. What’s more, animator Igor Kovalyav of Rugrats fame will be operating this little cutter ship of a show straight out of Transylvania. They Might Be Giants have bestowed their “finest work to date” for the theme song of the show. And good old Dave Eggers and Matt Groening are raving. Sounds great. Meanwhile, X marks the drunk?
  • has one of the best collaborations I’ve seen from a comic artist and a poet. While many poem comics tend to be slapped together combinations of text and corresponding pictures—imagine watching a theater play projected on a movie screen—poet Nick Flynn and artist Josh Neufeld, who is currently serializing A.D.: New Orleans at Smith Magazine, play off of each other’s medium in a fascinating and self-referential way. The interaction ends up being a kind of excavation into the formal aspects of the comic and the poem. There is just one overall scene in this comic, but it is sectioned off into several panels with each focusing on one small detail of the poem. It rewards the retreading of stanzas and panels alike, combining the wandering patterns of looking at art with the linearity of reading a poem. For once, the linebreak is put to practical, if not aesthetic effect. Also, a play button up top allows you to hear Flynn read the poem out loud as you glance and pause over the tableau with its flickr-like spread of poetic annotation. It makes you realize just how well-suited the two mediums really are for each other.
  • The greats will be descending on Jackson State University tonight, with the opening reception of Other Heroes, a gallery show of African American comic creators. To find the exhibit, you’ll have to find the university’s Dollye Robinson Liberal Arts building. If you’re not in the area, you can always check out Kendall Patterson‘s preview, complete with pictures, and be sure to watch his blog for further updates from the opening. Also, you could bring the exhibit home by getting the comics and essay-packed, 178-page show catalog on Proceeds from the book sale go towards the Scholarship America Disaster Relief Fund that helps Hurricane Katrina and Rita victims seek post-secondary education.

–Elizabeth Chou