Cross Hatch Dispatch 3/24/2007

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These days, you can trip over a comic strip just walking down any old street. Not that I’m complaining:

On the other end of the exposure spectrum, there was some news about Al Columbia this week. Except most of it seemed to have disappeared. Mysterious. All that’s left are rumors of a documentary and sketchbooks. The only concrete thing we have is an amateur adaptation of his work and that idiosyncratic personal website of his. I’ve never heard of him before, but I get a Ray Johnson How to Draw a Bunny vibe from it all.

After looking at how much it costs these days to make an honest comic book (make that graphic novel) reader of me, I am all the more thankful for the comics that people post online:

Randomly, but with a purpose, I came upon two comic links with Santa Cruz connections (The Daily Cross Hatch’s alma mater, by half):

And finally, did someone mention “words” and “pictures”? Okay, so this five-minute, silent film-ization of Top Gun might not have anything to do with comics, per se, but give me a second here: suppose it inspires a silent film renaissance within the comics to movie adaptation trend? Robert Rodriguez, are you getting this down?

Meanwhile, at the Yes But No But Yes pop culture blog, comics live up to its name, unintentionally.

-Elizabeth Chou