Guest Strip: Tom Hart

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Tom HartWhy do we love Tom Hart? As if we weren’t already having enough trouble keeping track of all of the reasons, the Hutch Owen artist and sometimes School for the Visual arts instructor had to go and give us three more. Below you’ll find the first of three Hutch Owen strips that were never run, because, according to Hart:

I did them when the Lebanon War was raging, and mercifully, it ended before my strip was picked up by the Metro. Now I work a lot more closer to deadline, so this doesn’t happen.

The end of a war and exclusive strips for The Daily Cross Hatch—who could ask for anything more?

Oh, and in case you needed one more reason to habitually check in for updates, according to Hart, part two of this trilogy contain the best punching panel the artist has ever drawn.

Part one, after the jump.

Tom Hart

–Brian Heater

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