The Daily Rock Hatch: Annuals

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In which members of the rock community tearfully reveal their geeky comic obsessions, beneath their hardened irony-based exoskeleton.

Who are you? I am Mike Robinson, I play bass.

What is your band called? Annuals.

You should totally become our Myspace buddy because: You shouldn’t be anyone Myspace buddy, if you can find other ways to spend your time—but you can be ours if you like hearing premium jams.

What are you reading [comic-wise, naturally]? I’ve only been able to swing through the shop once a month at best since tour started–but I’ve always been heavy on Mike Mignola.

This time next year, I hope to be working on the soundtrack to major motion picture adaptation of which comic: Hellboy Jr: The Movie! Or Sandman.

You should buy our new record. It’s called: Be He Me. You can enjoy the cover art by our good friend, Jaime Jones, former artist for Image and Wizards of the Coast etc. Its good reading music if you want it to be! Thanks true believers!

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  1. Spencer Carnage | March 7th, 2007 at 11:54 am

    Just saw these guys in LA last weekend and that bass player can play.

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