WonderCon 2007

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Did you really think that WonderCon 2007 would come and go without The Daily Crosshatch crashing the party? I surprised bossman Brian Heater with an e-mail stating that I was in San Fran geeking it out with other comic-lovin’ fiends. The three-day event was a stellar showcase of all thing comics, fantasy, sci-fi. Elbows were rubbed with up-and-coming comics talent as well as established vets who, for the most part, were engaging, insightful, and willing to chat it up (in between the hundreds of autographs doled out per hour). Here are some of the show highlights:

  • I copped a signed copy of The Life of Groo from comics legend Sergio Aragones, who mentioned an upcoming Groo/Conan crossover title. Expect a high body count.
  • Jason Kruse, creator of The World of Quest, told us that he landed a sweet deal with Kids WB to bring his characters to television. Kruse learned of the deal from his agents Dave Alpert and Kemper Donovan while on the show floor.
  • Erik Larsen gave us a few words regarding The Savage Dragon. He said to expect two more reprinted TPBs before the end of 07 and, when asked about The Savage Dragon animated series, he replied without hesitation that, “it was retarded.”
  • The new TMNT trailer that debuted at the show will unquestionably sell you on the quality of the film. Personally, I was leery of the flick after the initial teaser, but I’ll so be there when it opens.
  • After getting a 10 minute sneak peek at the final product, all I can say about Frank Miller’s 300 is WOW. Even if the script is less than stellar, it’s a must see just for the visuals alone. The way that Miller’s panels were integrated into the movie is simply awesome.

And that was only the very tip of the iceberg. We scored lots of sweet books that you’ll see reviewed in upcoming posts and we’re arranging some choice interviews for your reading pleasure. Until then, enjoy some photos from the show.

Autographed Copy of The Life of Groo

The signed copy of The Life of Groo.

The new Green Lantern Corps.

X-Men and your humble WonderCon reporter.

Miscellaneous jungle girl (with purse).

Sergio and a fan.


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