Interview: Nicholas Gurewitch Pt. 2 (of 2)

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Nicholas Gurewitch

We’re equally excited and frightened to bring you the second part of our interview with The Perry Bible Fellowship’s Nicholas Gurewitch, after the first part unexpectedly got out of our hands and violently murdered the mothers of a few of our more vocal readers. Naturally, we don’t condone such behavior, but once blogged, a q&a is out of our hands.

If you thought part one was polarizing, part two is going to make you rethink everything you know about life, love, and the universe. Strangely enough, everyone who has read it thus far, has described it the same way: it’s a bit like taking acid soaked mushroom from the head of a unicorn slaughtered by Charles Manson on a rocket ship barreling through a galaxy of rainbows, distilled into a q&a and posted on an alternative comics blog. You know, on acid.

Also, we don’t really talk about comics. Brace yourselves.

What sort of comedy do you enjoy?

I like laughing at my friends. Real things. I like things that happen in real life, more than stuff that’s been designed or devised.

You mentioned that you watched a lot of movies, though. Are any of them comedies?

Oh, right, right. Hm. Maybe I’m just more interested in tragic films. I don’t know, but I find myself laughing at them.

Are you still trying to figure out what you’d like to be, when you grow up?

No. I’m pretty certain that I want to make films, and I’d eventually like to go into politics, at some point.

You’d like to run for office?

I think that would be very fun, if I could find the right ideals. I’ve been reading this book about Teddy Roosevelt. He’s a real hero, in many ways, and I kind of idolize him. It seems like running for office would, in many ways, be the most fun thing that you could ever do, if you did it right.

Hm. Well, obviously things have changed a bit since his day. It has to be much more difficult to run as yourself.

You really have to run as 26 people, and conform all of those 26 people to some interpretation that the public has about something or other.

So, you don’t want to be doing the comic thing forever?

No, not for long. I’ll probably stop doing that at some point soon.


Well, I use that word loosely.

There’s a Dark Horse book comic out, soon, right?

Yeah, this summer.

It’s going to a collection of the strips?

Yeah, plus some other goodies.

Do you have interest in doing longer form pieces?

In the book there will be a few sequels to the comics that I’ve done. It will ultimately look a little long form, if you read them together.

Do you have any film scripts that you’ve been working on? Can you give us a synopsis of any?

Yeah, I’ve been working on a bunch. One that I’d like to shoot soon is about a couple of Italian candle-makers in turn of the century America.

Does anything happen to them?

I don’t want to give it away. It will have a very exciting and powerful ending.

What about the middle?

The middle is that one of them gets frothingly angry at the other.

–Brian Heater

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  1. David | March 6th, 2007 at 10:29 am

    I love PBF but this guy is kind of a boring interview.

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