See, I Told You I Had NYCC2007 Pics

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I never claimed to be much of a photographer, or if I did, there’s a fairly good chance that I was drunk at the time. That said, I did manage to wrangle up a digital camera for last weekend’s New York Comic Con, and snapped a few photos from the belly of the great beast, Javits. They’re blurry, grainy, and gadget-centric, being that they were snapped for my day job. Still, I think it’s a good approximation of what it might have been like to stumble across the showroom floor, behind a pair of inoperable cataracts. See (poorly) for yourself over here.

Fortunately, our old friend, Shayna Marchese, she of Voids fame, was kind enough to share with us some of her own shots from the show on Sunday. Marchese has the dual benefit of both owning a DSLR, and knowing what the hell she is doing. Her shots are available, thumbnail-style, after the jump, and we figure that if mention Voids one more time, we might actually get that guest strip soon, after all.

NY Comic Conupstairs
Guitar Hero Pikachu balloon

–Brian Heater

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