The Cute Review: Korgi

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By Christian Slade
Top Shelf

Christian SladeWelcome to The Cute Review, a column exploring the loveable, huggable, fuzzy, and otherwise adorable aspects of the graphic novel.

For this innagural edition, we’re looking at Korgi, Top Shelf’s new all-ages graphic novel series. The book follows the adventures of a young fairy named Ivy, and her lovable Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Sprout, as they traverse Korgi Hollow during harvest season.

For those unfamiliar with Corgis, they are cute. Damn cute. This cuteness can be attributed to their short, stubby little legs, sweet temperament and big, affectionate eyes. Slade understands these important canine nuances, giving every Corgi enough nuanced cuteness to cause intense spasms of babytalk. Those who don’t consider themselves a ‘dog person,’ may still suffer borderline cuteness-induced epileptic seizures, thanks to the army of smiling, happy little Corgis.

The book’s cuteness quotient is only enchanced by Slade’s decision to forgo words and let the fantasy-inspired illustrations take center-stage. While the plot of Korgi leaves something to be desired in terms of depth, Slade’s nuanced line work is enough reason to embrace the cutastic cuteness of Korgi.

I give it three out of five baby deers

–Sara Torello