New York Comic Con 2007: My Weekend in a Nutshell.

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NYCC2007Despite having upgrade to a much larger space in Manhattan’s Javits Center, it seems safe to say that, after three days’ worth of around-the-block lines, the New York Comic Con shows no signs of slowing as we gear up for 2008. The Con’s second year was my first, and all-in-all, it was a pretty fantastic time. I spent the chunk of Friday set aside for press schmoozing up an down the aisle with my custom-made The Daily Cross Hatch press badge—my handwriting plus a Sharpie equals precisely the reason why that career as a letterer never really took off.

Had a chance to meet Evan Dorkin, Kyle Baker, Jhonen Vasquez, and the world’s friendliest animator, Bill Plimpton, who was showcasing clips from a few upcoming films, later that night. I choked down an eight dollar Javits chicken sandwich ($11.50 with the Diet Coke, sweet lord) and headed over to Comics Bloggers: Rewriting the Rules of Tastemaking, which, despite sounding like the name of an undergrad media studies thesis, was a fairly lighthearted discussion about the world of comic blogging.

NYCC2007_2The massive conference room was far from packed, due most likely to the fact that it was still an hour and a half until the Con opened to the public, but the upshot was that the vast majority of attendees were themselves bloggers, the panel’s moderator, Heidi MacDonald, of The Beat, repeatedly half-jokingly suggested bringing a few folks from the crowd up stage.

Between MacDonald, Galley Cat’s Ron Hogan, Comics Worth Reading’s Johanna Draper Carlson, and Comics 212’s Chris Butcher, the panel had the hour-plus pretty well taken care of, aside from a few questions from the audience, and the momentary awkwardness of MacDonald asking me a question, regarding my justification for having launched this site, last Monday. I somehow managed to get out something slightly more eloquent than, ‘because comics are neat, and stuff,’ though, just barely. Despite the deer in headlights look, I’d like to personally think MacDonald again for the big fat, Podcast-ready shout out. Word.

Also in attendance, among a dozen or so other bloggers, were Newsarama’s new recruit, Chris Mautner, and Brigid of Manga Blog, who said lots of nice things about TDCH, but apologized for not being able to link to us, being that, well, we don’t actually, you know, write about Manga and all. Makes sense to me. Someone asked about comradery between comic bloggers, and while the final concensus seemed to be something along the lines of, ‘I ain’t quite what it used to be.’ Having been in the game for a week now, today, I can’t honestly speak to what it used to be, but even as the new guy, I felt a lot of love in that underground meeting room. After an awkwardly attempted group hug, I made my way back upstairs, as the flood gates where about to open to the public.

More pics are forthcoming. Stay tuned.