Guest Strip: James Kochalka Version 2.0

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James KochalkaWhen we asked James Kochalka really nicely to contribute a guest strip to our site, he handed over the ridiculously awesome “How to Play Guitar.” And then, when we weren’t looking, Kochalka slipped us something else. Sure, it’s not exactly ‘exclusive’ in the same sense as the first, and it’s not actually a ‘strip’ in any sense at all, but as a fledgling comics blog only in its second week of existence, we’re not really going to look a gift elf in the mouth. Plus, my mother always taught me to be nice to guests. So, an incredibly brief disclaimer from Mr. K, and then the guest panel, after the jump:

Here’s another pic, this appeared in a weekly paper once, almost no
one has seen it.
James Kochalka

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