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Patton OswaltI had grand plans for our Patton Oswalt interview, I really did. I’d known that Oswalt was a fan of comic bookery (as well as a handful of other socially unacceptable hobbies likely to land one’s head in a flushing toilet) for some time. However, it wasn’t until a few months back that I realized how far the comedian was willing to ride his fandom. It was through the magic of YouTube, searching late one night for Oswalt’s justifiably infamous Robert Evans standup routine (thank God someone finally took Brian Dennehy down a few pegs) that I stumbled upon Super Nerds*.

The half-hour episode costars Mr. Show’s Brian Posehn, who, along with Oswalt, form the titular geeks. Set entirely in a comic shop, the failed Comedy Central pilot essentially involves Oswalt and Posehn (as Leslie and Gayle, respectively) sitting around the store, making sarcastic quips about the lives of outsiders. Sarah Silverman pops up as well, as a hot, comic-obsessed former geek. When she name-checks Eightball, I get tingles in places that I didn’t know were tingleable.

The plan was to do a big piece on Super Nerds, and like, you know, totally blow everybody’s minds and stuff. We asked Oswalt if he might be able to shed some light on the storied history of the legendary lost nerd relic. His response?

Well, we shot the pilot and Comedy Central passed. I wish there was more intrigue than that, but that’s what happens 90% of the time.

So um, yeah. We just cut our losses, and sent him a tailor-made version of The Daily Rock Hatch question set. Enjoy.

1. Who are you? I’m the star of Veronica Mars!

2. Hey, aren’t you the guy from: See above!

3. What are you reading these days [comic-wise, naturally]? Everything. There’s so much great shit getting written and drawn these days. Let me look at my stack from yesterday (2/21): Oh my God… Girls, Powers, Invincible, Shadowpact, Checkmate…it just goes on and on.

4. This time next year, I hope to be playing a bit-part in which major motion picture comic book adaptation?
Mark Trail.

5. Which project[s] would your agent want you to plug here? My new CD, being released by SubPop on July 23rd.

6. Fun Facts:
• Can be seen being raped by Bugaloos in an issue of Plantery.
• Wishes Richard Corben would do a Bud Mother spin-off from The Bodyssey.
• Dreams of having Ivan Brunetti doing a CD cover for him someday.

Special thanks go out to our old pals at The Sound of Young America for getting the ball rolling on this one.

–Brian Heater

* Which has, incidentally become a bit tougher hunt down since the big-ups at Viacom threatened to kill all of the YouTube staff’s first-borns. If you happen to know of the existence of a working stream of the episode online, please post it to the message board, so the world might laugh again.

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