The Daily Rock Hatch: Rob Crow

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Rob Crow

In which members of the rock community tearfully reveal their geeky comic obsessions, beneath their hardened irony-based exoskeleton.

What is your name? Rob Crow.

What is your band called?
Rob Crow, Pinback, Goblin Cock, Optiganally Yours, Other Men, and Alpha Males.

You should totally become my Myspace buddy because: Because you think Myspace is important for some reason.

What are you reading [comic-wise, naturally]? Anything by Frank Miller, Grant Morrison, Brian Micheal Bendis, David Lapham, Brian K. Vaughn, Mark Millar, Garth Ennis, Dan Slott, Steve Niles, Greg Rucka, Alan Moore, Robert Kirkman, and Ed Brubaker.

The comic shop that always makes us late for sound check: I got a pull box at home

This time next year, I hope to be working on the soundtrack to major motion picture adaptation of which comic: I fucking hate rock music in action films. The Daredevil movie is a perfect example of helping ruin an awesome character by ignoring the humanity (or super-humanity) of the subject, while trying to sell lame soundtrack albums.

You should buy our new record. It’s called: It’s called Living Well, but there’s no reason you should buy it, unless you listen to it first and possibly decide you enjoy it.

–Brian Heater¬†