Songs of the Pogo

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songsofthepogo1.jpgFantagraphic’s revival of Walt Kelly’s Pogo comics seems to have helped unearth at least one other Pogo-related gem. In 1956, Kelly penned some delightful songs for an LP called “Song of the Pogo.” An All Music Guide description for the record says this:

“Technically, these are not songs from the comic strip — Kelly’s most famous parody, ‘Deck Us All With Boston Charlie,’ is absent — and, musically, it might not seem to jibe with the homespun nature of the drawings, since it’s a freewheeling collection of prewar popular musical styles. There’s a little bit of folk and blues here, but they merely inform the songs, which really sound like turn of the century tunes designed for singalongs at the family piano or cinematic ballads — or, in the case of the Kelly-sung “Go-Go Pogo,” a rabble-rousing campaign tune out of Tammany Hall. It’s music that’s out of time, evoking an era earlier than 1956, but one that’s highly stylized and absurdly funny.”

Thanks to eMusic and Reaction Recordings, which reissued this album back in 2003, there’s not much need to track down this album in some dusty record store, unless you like doing that sort of thing. I trust you won’t need any prompting to dash down to your nearest eMusic station. BoingBoing suggests taking advantage of the 25 free downloads, if you’re not a member of eMusic already. But if you’re lazy like me, you’ll probably just listen to the samples on repeat, which strangely enough seem to stand on their own.

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-Elizabeth Chou

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