NY Comic Con Highlights

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To start off, the NY Comic Con website is scary looking and nearly useless. Since I’m all the way across the country, I depend on this website to tell me about the exciting things going down this weekend. Where are the listings for the awesome panels? Where is the darn schedule and the map showing the convention layout? Well, the good news is, all that’s for you to figure out. I do however have a few intriguing picks. I’m not going to be there myself, so I wouldn’t know if I’m sending you to some dark weird corner of the convention center…

First, go find the booth of the super talented web comic collective Chemistry Set at A239 of the Artist Alley. Their self-introduction: “THE CHEMISTRY SET is a collective of creators bonded together to bring free independent comics to the masses… Counting two Xeric Award winners and over 30 years of comics writing experience between the group, members of The Chemistry Set have written for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, Puffin Graphics, Random House, NBM Publishing, Oni Press, SLG Publishing and many more.”

kleid-plutonian11.jpgChemistry Set will be giving away a complete print collection of all the work the collective has put out. The members manning the booth will include Neil Kleid and Kevin Colden of Todt Hill, Vito Delsante of Stuck, Steven Goldman of Styx Taxi, Elizabeth Genco of Scheherazade and Hyeondo Park of Come The Dawn.

Be sure to also follow Neil Kleid as he participates in a panel discussion called “The Jewish Side of Comics”. Pertinent information: Sun., Feb. 25, 2007; 4:00-5:00 PM; Room 1E04.

Speaking of panels, I just found a mention of another one. Ron Hogan of Galleycat will be participating in a panel with Heidi MacDonald of Publishers Weekly’s The Beat, Johanna Draper Carlson of Comics Worth Reading, and Chris Butcher of Comics212.net. Together, this team will be tackling the topic of “comics bloggers and whether they’re ‘rewriting the rules of tastemaking and trade influence.'” I am not sure about the when and where or even the how of this panel discussion, because once again, the NY Comic Con site is being useless. Anyone able to figure it out?


R. Kikuo Johnson is another artist worth checking out. I would say he has his own style, but he also has an amazing ability for evoking practically everybody else’s as well. You could also hop on over to the MoCCA to see some of his work being displayed with that of Paolo Rivera’s.

Also, Stephen Colbert will be one of the guests, but it seems his deal will be a ticket holder’s affair, or else a mob scene. However, thanks to the Tek Jansen look-alike contest, plenty of his alter egos will likely be milling around the convention halls. If you’re hungry for more, Oni Tek JansenPress’s table will be handing out posters advertising the Tek Jansen comic book series, coming out in March.

I’m not certain the creators of the Tek Jansen comics will be there, but just in case, you can brush up with this exclusive interview with Tim Peyer, one of the writers for the comic.

Finally, doesn’t it seem like the NY Comic Con official blog is getting the short shrift here? Nevertheless, I’m personally going to tune into the NY Comic Con Cast, because it’s way slicker. Hopefully Heidi at The Beat will be videoblogging like she did in San Diego.
–Elizabeth Chou