The Cross Hatch Dispatch 2/21/07

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One snarky helping of hump day link dumpage comin’ up:

Tobin Sprout
–You know we love us some Guided By Voices. While we’ve been attempting in vain to dig ourselves out from beneath former frontman Robert Pollard’s deluge of solo releases, the Dayton group’s other former songwriter, Tobin Sprout, has been building up a portfolio of some rather stunning work (the artist’s “Bad Dog, No!” is pictured left).
–For those of you who aren’t hip to Evan Dorkin’s goings-on ever since the folks at House of Fun decided that updates were for suckers, the Pirate Corps. artist and life-long ska music enthusiasts has continued to post religiously to his LiveJournal [insert googly-eyed emoticon here], Big Mouth Types Again (possibly the only LiveJournal named for a Morrissey song–I kid, I kid). Dorkin has good news for you funnybook-loving cheapskates: digital copies of Milk & Cheese and Dork #1 are going for the dirty, dirty low price of 69-cents. Remember kids: cheap comics=more money for gin.
–Authorities in Seattle nabbed a man suspected of holding up a pizza place, golf club, and comic shop. His neighbors were likely tipped off when they discovered the pile of tomato sauce-stained Sandman books underneath the life-size windmill model in the man’s front yard [via TCJ].
–And last, but far from least, Mutt & Jeff, you hardly look a day of 95.

Now, back to work with you.

–Brian Heater

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