Meet Comic Books, your new friend.

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I wonder what Josh at Comicspace thinks about Tom at Myspace, now that the denizens of Myspace have their own official comic book gathering spot. Mashable has a pessimistic take on it.

A mix of comic artists, publishers, and even musicians Daft Punk and the Gorillaz sit in the coveted Top 15 seats. So far, there are already close to 25,000 comic book fans in the community. The first group project seems to be a Buffy-centric essay contest, while the New York Comicon and Tokyo Pop’s MBQ are getting top billing as the featured event and manga. But this new community is all about connecting people! If you follow the MBQ link, you get to see an entertaining video of the creator, Felipe Smith, chatting about the distinctions of manga (Japanese), bandes desinee (French), comic books (American), and historietas (Spanish language comics??) with Eduoardo, the owner of his childhood comic book store in Argentina.

Speaking of videos, check out Eva, your guide to Vermont, the home of the “comic books for adults” scene. In her first show of the Stuck in Vermont series, Eva visits the Fine Toons exhibit at the Helen Day Art Center, where she seems to spend most of her time talking to James Kochalka. And while you’re at it, you might as well also check out Eva’s video blog about how she got interested in indie comics and zines.

-Elizabeth Chou