Portland Mercury Stripped of Blecky Yuckerella

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Johnny RyanAmerica’s most-adorable stubble-faced elementary school student just lost her one and only syndicated home. The strip’s four-year run in the Portland weekly will end this week. According to the Mercury’s Cher-like art director, Demo, as quoted on the paper’s blog, Yuckerella is “going away to make room for a different comic—they get rotated occasionally, to bring you new funny.”

No word on Blecky’s replacement, save for this appropriately misappropriate comedic misfire blog post, suggesting that Johnny Ryan’s strip would be replaced by the column, “Fuck You, Honkie.” A letter from the future column’s ‘author’ contained such gems as, ‘fuck the jesus some of you dogs claim to serve because the jesus you worship is a demon mimicking the good blessings of the lord by feeding you false blessings it obtains from the fruits of me being tormented from rejecting your filth [sic].’ The post’s author later apologized for the joke, going so far as to use bold font. It looks like Portland readers will be missing out on both Blecky Yuckerella and “Fuck You, Honkie.” It’s sad really, that we don’t live in a world where they can live together, in harmony.

Blecky Yuckerella will, in the meantime, continue on, unabated on Ryan’s site. The site’s news section also includes the e-mail address to which fans can send their tastefully-worded hatemail.

–Brian Heater