Aline and the Others by Guy Delisle

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Aline and Others
By Guy Delise
Drawn & Quarterly

Aline and the Others

If you’ve been wanting to get Guy Delisle’s Aline and the Others, now is a pretty good time. Drawn & Quarterly is having a sale on it!

Though Delisle is best known for his wryly-observed, comic travelogues of Shenzhen and Pyongyang, this Aline collection shows that those previous offerings only skim the surface of his talents as a comic artist.

Aline and the Others is an irresistable series of shorts, each devoted to one of 26 women engaged in a variety of bodily transmographications. Deslisle’s visual timing is spot on as the women’s wordless stories unfold into satisfyingly inventive gags.

Body image is taken to a whole other level in these stories as the women’s masterful, though bizarre, control over their bodies allows them to perform all manners of mischief and practical jokery on bystanders both innocent and deserving.

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–Elizabeth Chou

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